Freehold lands

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...or by whatsoever other name or names the same be called or knowne and all the h ouses edifices and buildings there upon all w[hi]ch p[re]misses are lying and being within the said late county within the Proportion of land called the Vyntners Proporc[i]on or late Mannor of Vintners in the late County of Londonderry and allso all wa ys and passages to the aforesaid p[re]misses or any part thereof belonging or t herewith enioyed The same p[re]misses to be holden of his Ma[ies]ty his hei rs and Successors as of such Mannor as his Ma[ies]ty shall erect, create or make of or within the aforesaid proporc[i]on called the Vyntners Proportion with and under such and the like excepc[i]ons and for and under the yearly rent of Three Pounds sterlinge payable in such manner [and] att such dayes, and tymes and suit att Co urt and mill within the said Proporc[i]on and w[i]th up[p]on and under the like further reservac[i]ons lib[er]tyes powers tenures services covenants and agreements as in the aforesaid Agreem[en]t made by the said commissioners and Thomas Hudson beforenamed are conteined w[i]th this further agreem[en]t that the said William his heires [and] assignes shall for ever hereafter, have, and keepe in readynes uppon the aforesaid p[re]misses for the service of his Ma[ies]ty his heires [and] Successors one pike and Corslett furnished in such manner as the same shall be allowed by the Mustermaster of the County or [...] in w[hi]ch the p[re]misses lye In Wittnes whereof the said commissioners and the said William Rowley have putt to their hands the day and yeare abovewritten:

Ralph Whitfeld Tho[mas] ffotherley 1639 W[illia]m Rowelly

lx s. O ne musket One pike and Cors let

Robert Russell 42

The said Twelveth day of August the aforesaid Com[m]issioners for and on his Ma[ies]t[ie]s behalfe by vertue of the said Com[m]ission and Robert Russell of Killcronohan in the late County of Londonderry [...] do conclude and agree that the said Robert Russell his heirs and assigns shall have and hold for ever All those [...] townlands commonly called or knowne by the s everal name or names of [...]

…or by whatsoever other name or names the same be called or known, and all the houses, edifices, and buildings thereupon, all which premises are lying and being within the said late county within the Proportion of land called the Vintners’ Proportion or late Manor of Vintners in the late county of Londonderry, and also all ways and passages to the aforesaid premises or any part thereof belonging or therewith enjoyed. The same premises to be holden of his Majesty, his heirs and successors as of such manor as his Majesty shall erect, create, or make of or within the aforesaid Proportion called the Vintners’ Proportion, with and under such and the like exceptions, and for and under the yearly rent of three pounds sterling payable in such manner and at such days and times and suit at court and mill within the said Proportion, and with, upon, and under the like further reservations, liberties, powers, tenures, services, covenants, and agreements as in the aforesaid agreement made by the said commissioners and Thomas Hudson beforenamed are contained, with this further agreement that the said William, his heirs and assigns shall forever hereafter have and keep in readiness upon the aforesaid premises, for the service of his Majesty, his heirs and successors one pike and corslet furnished in such manner as the same shall be allowed by the Muster Master of the county or […] in which the premises lie. In witness whereof the said commissioners and the said William Rowley have put to their hands the day and year abovewritten:

Ralph Whitfeld Thomas Fotherley 1639 William Rowley

lx shillings one musket one pike and corslet

Robert Russell 42

The said twelfth day of August, the aforesaid commissioners for and on his Majesty’s behalf by virtue of the said commission, and Robert Russell of Killcronaghan in the late county of Londonderry, […], do conclude and agree that the said Robert Russell, his heirs and assigns shall have and hold forever all those […] townlands commonly called or known by the several name or names of […]