International peace expert praises Derry archive project

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Not the Great Parchment Book, but the ‘Accounts of the Conflict’ research project run by INCORE, the University of Ulster’s world-renowned international conflict research centre, which has received European funding to establish a digital archive offering long-term storage and preservation of stories related to life in Northern Ireland and the border region during the Troubles.

During her visit to the centre, international peace expert Iratxe Momoitio Astorkia, Director of the Gernika Peace Museum, delivered a seminar on the ‘How to deal with our recent past by making important materials or sources available online’. This is a theme which resonates with the aim of the Great Parchment Book project, to make available a digital reconstruction of the book providing a lasting resource for the history of Northern Ireland in local, national and international contexts.

Find out more about her visit and the INCORE project here.


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