Gresham College lecture: The Irish Society in the Modern Era

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After 400 years The Honourable The Irish Society is still going strong. In his forthcoming Gresham College lecture, Edward Montgomery will review the more recent history and activities of the Society. The talk will focus on the Society’s activities in the 20th century, as it tried to find a viable role in the aftermath of the Irish Land Acts, the effect of partition in the 1920’s and further legislation unfriendly to landlords, all of which steadily deprived it of much of its former property and historic raison d’etre. The talk will also describe how the Society has moved steadily towards the centre ground over the past 50 years, adapting and modernising as befits a charity now entering its fifth century of existence.

The Honourable The Irish Society in the Modern Era

Edward Montgomery

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 – 6:00pm
Barnard’s Inn Hall, London
Free event, no booking required. Further details are available here.

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